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If you are a regular here then you know why everyone refers to this us as the “information centre for all things study abroad”. We want to remain known for this hence we will be answering the question, “How to move to Australia or New Zealand”. But first of all, what do you know about Australia?

Here are the essential things to know before considering the BIG MOVE to Australia;

  • Australia is one of the strongest performing economies in the world
  • Life expectancy is high and if we were to guess, then we would say it hinges on the provision of appropriate public health care, good air and water quality
  • Quality of education is high
  • Low unemployment rate
  • And the fun part; barbecue is a lifestyle.

That being said, let’s talk about New Zealand.

New Zealand is way smaller compared to Australia. It is like the younger sibling of Australia, for lack of a better explanation. Some interesting facts include;

  • English is one of the official languages and the other one is called Māori from the indigenous people.
  • The capital of New Zealand is called Wellington and is nicknamed “Windy Wellington” due to it’s wind levels.
  • Unemployment rate is also low.
  • They take gender equality seriously and the current Prime minister is female; Jacinda Ardern
  • Education level is about the same level as Australia.

Now that you have these facts, the next focus is, what are they ways to move?

You can move either through study, marriage or work. Yes, there are companies that provide visa and relocation packages for qualified candidates to move to New Zealand or Australia for work. You also do not need to learn Māori. Your English can do the trick.

N/B; Tuition fees aren’t cheap in either countries, which is why you should keep an eye out the various scholarship opportunities that will be published here in the next weeks. 

Hope this guide gives you the clarity you need to decide on what country to move to.

If you need guidance on your journey to study abroad, feel free to use the contact form below.

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