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Read what other students have to say about studying abroad

Chizaram Mbah

Legal Practitioner

Country of Study: Switzerland

I undertook the Master in International Dispute Settlement Program (popularly known as the MIDS) in Geneva, Switzerland. The program is a specialized law masters jointly administered by the University of Geneva, and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 

It was a wonderful experience getting to study in one of the most international cities in the world. The faculty was outstanding, and my colleagues came from different parts of the world. The opportunity to study abroad opened my eyes to the vast career opportunities and specializations available in my field of studies, it also provided me the opportunity to work at a Swiss law firm. That in itself opened my eyes to a different work culture and to different legal backgrounds! 

My experience studying abroad taught me to keep an open mind, as there is so much going on in the world – even in just my field of studies – and anything is possible. It taught me to make genuine connections with people of all races, cultures, because you never know where it could lead you. It helped me see that I am as unique as every other person I meet and I have something to offer.

Barbara Ndugbu

Creative Director Ovens Secret. Forbes 30 under 30

Country of Study: The UK

I studied Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Oil and Gas Management, at Coventry University, London Campus. My experience while studying in London gave me an opportunity to explore and gain insight from diverse teaching methods and learning resources provided by the school.

Living in a foreign country opened my mind to new perspectives and lifestyles and I had the opportunity to boost my CV during internship programs, with companies in my field of study.

Prisca Obierefu

PhD Candidate and Research Technology Liaison at University of Toronto

Country of Study: The UK and Canada

I have a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology at London Metropolitan University, UK. Obtaining my masters degree was an important milestone in both my career and academic journey. It gave me an edge in the competitive academic industry. Schooling in the UK was thrilling and yet challenging, and I am glad I took the opportunity when I did.

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