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Do you know the effect a statement of Purpose has on your application??

One of the most important documents when applying to universities abroad is your statement of purpose. This document is called by many names depending on the country. In the US, it’s called “Letter of Intent” or “Essay”. In the UK, it’s called “Statement of Purpose” and in Germany, it’s called “Personal statement”.

Just like your resume determines if you get the first call for a job application, your statement of purpose determines if you get an interview in the application process or directly get an offer of admission. So make sure you invest enough time into making it a very good representation of your skills, achievements and potential.

Here are 5 steps to write your statement of purpose;

Best to make it one page;

Except the specific University instructs you on the number of pages they require or the number of words, your statement of purpose must be one page long. This is because they receive a lot of applications and won’t spend too much time on each one.

Straight to the point;

Forget about all the stories you like to tell. Stick to the important stuff. Things like your achievements, your skills and your potential. Anything that aligns with the curriculum and career path of the chosen program is preferred. You want to be able to show them why you’re the best fit for the program.

Introduce yourself, why you chose the country, university and program;

Whatever you write, you must ensure you include your reasons for choosing the country, University and program. To achieve this, you need to have done your research to know what that Country is popular for. It could be cheap or free tuition, it could be their level of diversity etc. The same goes for the University, it could be the awards they’ve received or their ranking.

End it with your post-graduation plans;

Your statement of purpose is almost ready but it needs a perfect closing. What are your plans post-graduation? What is your dream job, dream company etc? They need to know that the degree will be a big part of making your dream come through.

A fresh pair of eyes is always best;

You need to send it to a professional or a trusted source to review before sending it to the University. This is because a fresh pair of eyes will always see the errors you couldn’t see and would have suggestions on how to better present some things. Don’t make the mistake of sending it without doing this first.

Have you started drafting your Statement of purpose? You can contact to review it before sending it.

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