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Imagine spending years and a significant amount of money on a degree, only to find it’s not recognized by employers or future academic institutions. This is where accreditation comes in. Accreditation bodies act as quality assurance watchdogs for universities and colleges, ensuring they meet rigorous educational standards. 

Read on to learn more about accreditation bodies and its benefits to international students.

What Are Accreditation Bodies?

Accreditation bodies are organizations that evaluate and certify the quality and standards of educational institutions and their programs. These bodies ensure that schools, colleges, and universities meet specific criteria of academic excellence, providing a trustworthy benchmark for the education offered. Think of it as a quality assurance system for universities.

What Are Its Benefits to International Students?

Here are some key benefits of attending an accredited university:

Quality Assurance

Accreditation ensures a strong academic foundation as accredited institutions provide a high-quality learning experience, with qualified faculty, up-to-date curriculum, and adequate resources.

Transferability of Credits

Credits earned from accredited institutions are more likely to be accepted by other schools and universities, both domestically and internationally. This facilitates smooth transitions if students decide to transfer to another institution.

Globally Recognized Credentials

Getting a degree from an accredited institution is very important. Accreditation signifies that your education meets a certain standard, making your qualifications more recognizable and respected by potential employers and universities worldwide.

Access to Financial Aid

Many scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs require students to be enrolled in accredited institutions. Attending an accredited institution increases your chances of receiving financial support, thereby reducing your financial burden.

How to Find Accredited Universities

Every country has its own accreditation system. Here are some tips for international students:

Look Out For Several Accredited Universities: Look for universities accredited by a reputable national or regional body in the country you’re considering.

University Websites: Accredited universities proudly display their accreditation status on their websites. Furthermore, look out for logos or accreditation information pages.

Consult Educational Advising Resources: Many international student organizations or educational consultants like Purplebook can guide you toward accredited universities.


From the above, it is clear that accreditation bodies play an important role in maintaining and improving the quality of education globally. For international students, choosing an accredited institution offers numerous benefits, from quality assurance and better employment prospects to access to financial aid and global recognition.

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