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Hey, there. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in knowing what the Chevening Scholarship is about and are likely considering applying for it. The Chevening Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship that gives students worldwide the opportunity to pursue their post-graduate degrees in the UK. 

The best part is that the scholarship provides full tuition fees and monthly stipends, and you can have access to different career opportunities. However, you have to learn the right tips to stand out from the crowd. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your Chevening Scholarship application stands out. 

Start Early

Don’t put off starting your application until the last minute. Prepare well in advance by giving yourself time to read, write, and collect information. 

Be sure to have everything ready before the deadline. Most times, the online application system may slow down significantly as the deadline approaches. Trust me; procrastination won’t be your friend here.

Read The Guidelines Carefully

Did you know that Chevening received 10,000+ ineligible applications in 2022, as many did not meet the two-year work experience requirement?  

Remember the deadlines, requirements, and the eligibility criteria. Read it as though it were the most fascinating book in the world. 

Furthermore, ensure you double-check the admissions requirements if you’re considering applying to many schools at once. You can also check here to learn more about the application process.

Be Unique and Write Your Essay With Confidence

It is up to you to know how you will present your application, craft a compelling story, and confidently deliver it. Additionally, make an effort to sound as genuine as possible. Avoid lifting phrases verbatim from travel or academic websites. It is also important to explain why you think enrolling in a UK school would benefit you. 

Think hard about how you’ll make the most of your time at a UK institution pursuing a master’s degree. You’ll also gain bonus points if you can tie your professional aspirations to one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Choose Your Courses Wisely

The primary goal of the Chevening Scholarship is to facilitate your further education in the United Kingdom. So, ensure your chosen classes align with your professional goals and the UK’s interests. 

It is not enough to just say what you want to learn; you must also say how it will impact your home country.  You can’t change your mind later, so this is your only chance to make a choice that contributes to your growth.

References Matter

Get recommendations from people you trust. They should know you well enough to articulate your achievements and potential in a convincing letter. It is important to contact references before the interview date in case your application is selected for further consideration.


Although the competition for Chevening Scholarships is high, you can increase your chances of being selected by demonstrating your dedication and enthusiasm. 

Plus, make sure you’re well-prepared for the interview. This is your chance to tell the selection committee about yourself and what drives you to succeed. I hope these tips help you while applying, and feel free to contact Purplebook if you need any help.

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