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Studying abroad is a whirlwind of new cultures, faces, and languages. However, after adapting to the new environment, you may be stuck in the same routine you have created for yourself. 

This may make sense in the short term. However, if it persists for a long time, you may not completely appreciate the experience of studying in a new country let alone open yourself to new opportunities. Not to worry, this guide will equip you with tips to help you step outside your comfort zone as an international student. 

  1. Start Small
  2. Embrace the “Yes” Mindset
  3. Travel to Nearby Cities
  4. Join a Student Organization
  5. Document your journey and Celebrate Your Wins

Start Small

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when stepping outside your comfort zone. Start with little tasks, like tasting a local dish or starting up a discussion with a classmate. 

Additionally, it’s okay to make mistakes so don’t it deter you from trying new things. Instead, accept them as learning opportunities.

Embrace the “Yes” Mindset

Adopt the “Yes mentality” by keeping an open mind to new experiences, regardless of how strange or difficult they may seem. 

You never know but you may find talents and hobbies you never knew you had. Additionally, attend cultural events, join university clubs, and accept invites from fellow students. 

Travel to Nearby Cities

It’s always a good idea to explore other parts of your city or even neighboring countries. Learning about different cultures will not only broaden your perspective but also create unique memories. 

Join a Student Organization

It can be beneficial to share your struggles and experiences with people who are familiar with your journey. Joining international student organizations or connecting with online communities are some of the ways to achieve this. 

You can also set a goal for yourself to interact with people from different backgrounds. By doing this, you’ll be exposed to fresh perspectives and widen your views.   

Document Your Journey and Celebrate Your Wins

No matter how small, always celebrate your accomplishments. Did you try a new dish?  Was there an event on campus that you participated in? Remember to always celebrate these wins to motivate yourself and boost your confidence. 

Additionally, don’t forget to document everything you do; you can get a journal, open a blog, or open a private social media account. With this, you can always look back at how far you have come.


Stepping outside your comfort zone is about personal development rather than quick expertise. Accept that you are always learning, and don’t be scared to make mistakes. 

Never forget that everyone has awkward moments occasionally—even the most sociable people have challenges. The important thing is that you make an effort to grow from your experiences. 

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