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In Part 1 of this article, we looked at some of the best countries for Nigerians to migrate to. In this second part, we will also mention other countries that Nigerians can migrate to based on the opportunities the countries offer.

Continued: List of The Best Counties For Nigerians to Migrate to


If you’re a Nigerian looking for a new beginning, you can consider moving to Hungary. Hungary has become a popular destination for migrants due to the EU’s efforts to expand its borders. One of its most well-known cities is Budapest, which I’m sure you’re familiar with. 

Hungary has also increased its employment opportunities through its economic growth and development. Also, the Hungarian government provides free language training for migrants who want to acquire some Hungarian before beginning work in Hungary. 


You probably know about living in the country due to the number of videos Nigerians make about living there. Nevertheless, the UK has been one of the best countries for Nigerians to migrate to, with plenty of job openings in different industries. In terms of education, those with limited financial resources can find support through grants and scholarships. 

On July 1, 2021, the United Kingdom government also introduced a new graduate pathway for overseas students, including Nigerians. With this pathway, the United Kingdom can keep some of the world’s top international students after graduation. The healthcare system in the United Kingdom is well-known around the globe because it makes it simple for everyone to seek the treatment they require.


Many people from other nations in the Commonwealth choose to study or settle in the Republic of Ireland because of the widespread use of the English language there. Ireland’s reputation as a relatively risk-free environment to live and work is a significant selling point for the country. 

Ireland is home to the European headquarters of over a thousand of the world’s most recognizable brands in information technology, social media, healthcare, and banking. 


Finland has a high standard of living and is routinely ranked among the best countries for Nigerians to migrate to. Its high-quality health care, low crime rate, and generous welfare contribute to this reputation.

Finland is ideal for job seekers and entrepreneurs due to its stable and growing economy. You can find jobs in various industries, including IT, healthcare, and academia, readily available in Finland. Additionally, this is an excellent option if you’re looking for a change of scenery to reconnect with nature.


Another country Nigerians can migrate to is France. The best aspect of working in France is the 35-hour work week and ample free time. You also can study any subject you desire at one of France’s many highly regarded universities.

The French government offers potential migrants various programs like the French Accueil Program, which provides financial assistance, and the ‘Programme d’Integration des Résidents Temporaires,’ which offers financial aid to job seekers. 


There are several things to consider while deciding the best countries for Nigerians to migrate to. Several countries are excellent choices, including a stable economy, a competent healthcare system, top-tier education, and a welcoming multicultural atmosphere. 

Ultimately, factors such as education, work experience, language proficiency, and family will determine where you would be happiest. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to do your homework, talk to immigration consultants like Purplebook, and select a choice that fits your future goals. 

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