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Deciding to study abroad can be such a draining decision to make. From choosing your preferred degree to researching about the best country to obtain it, then requirements and the major factor – FUNDING. This very factor has made a large number of people quit their study abroad journey prematurely but that wouldn’t be you because you have come to seek more information for your journey.

If you are on a budget then the first thing you want to search for is tuition-free countries. But first, note that tuition-free doesn’t mean zero euros/dollars. It simply means that the fees have been highly subsided and that it is below the market rate. It could also be the same rate paid by nationals of the country or slightly higher. So now that this has been understood, here are examples of countries with free tuition; Germany, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Italy… This list is not cumulative but for information purposes.

Now that you have the examples, let’s talk about Italy.

Tuition fees start from 1,400 euros per year. Not only is it really low, but they also offer an instalment payment plan and allow international students to declare their household income in a bid to get even lower rates. Household income means the total income of your family(parents income) including yours , if you have a job and are above 18 years old.

Note that if your household income is high then you might be subjected to pay up to the highest tuition fee but if low, you could pay up to the lowest tuition fee which is lower than the standard fee of that university. So if you are considering taking this route to declare your household income, be sure that it would be beneficial to you, otherwise, simply pay the standard fee.

Benefits of studying in Italy

  • Italy is known for its nightlife and amazing cheap food (if you are a pasta and pizza lover).
  • The healthcare system is really good and you don’t have to worry about finding an English speaking doctor.
  • Italy shares borders with other beautiful European countries like Switzerland, Austria, France, Slovenia etc so just a train ride and you’re in a new country.
  • Standard of living is low so this means living in Italy is cheap compared to Switzerland and the like.
  • Public transportation is also good and cheap which means you can move around without having to break the bank.
  • Students are allowed to work while studying.
  • Did I mention tuition is free (cheap), of course, I did.
  • You are also allowed to stay back to work post-graduation.
  • Lastly, there are numerous scholarships offered by both the government and the universities to support International students.

You can find out more about studying and living in Italy.

The good news is that the Application for Italian Universities is now open for September/October 2022 resumption!!!

If you need guidance on your journey to study abroad, feel free to use the contact form below.

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