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Have you ever dreamt of visiting the Alps, the location of Sound of Music, going on Ski trips, dining amongst the rich in a relaxed atmosphere???

What country comes to mind? Probably Switzerland for the Alps and rich atmosphere and Norway for Ski trips… limited options right? Well you can get all these and more at one location- Austria

So here is why you should pack your bags this 2022 and move to Austria;

Quality Education

You may think Germany, the UK, Finland when considering quality education but Austria also made the cut. Yes, it is a german speaking country but it provides a range of programs in English. Ranging from health-related to business and tech-related fields. The options are endless.

Free Tuition

No, this is not a joke. They also offer tuition-free programs. This is the point where a proper explanation of the terminology “tuition free” comes in. Tuition free doesn’t mean ZERO, 100%- NO. It simply means that the education or specific programs have been subsidised by the government and students only have to pay ‘semester contributions’. This amount is differs per country (countries with free tuition programs). For Austria, it is about 1,500 euros per year (approximately 900,000 naira), split into 2 semesters hence you don’t have to pay it all at once.

Border Countries

Let’s talk about that ski trip and the Alps. Why spend money on a trip to Norway and Switzerland to experience your first ski and see the beautiful Alps respectively, when you can do both in your country of residence- Austria. Yes, Austria shares its border with Switzerland hence it has its’ share of the Alps and its as beautiful as that of Switzerland so you won’t be missing out on anything. Yes, you can visit the Alps on a ski vacation (All in One). It also shares its border with Germany so you can hop on a bus or train to Germany if you wish or any of the other 6 countries that shares its borders.

Post study Opportunities

This is very important for anyone who leaves their home country to study abroad. I’m sure you want to know if you will be given the opportunity to at least practice the theory you would have been taught in class, post graduation. The answer is; YES!!! Austria gives you 12 months after graduation to search for a job and start working in the country. This of course will be switched to a work permit once you get a job that fulfils all the rules of a work visa.

Austria is the place for you and the good news is that application just opened for October 2022 resumption!!!

If you need guidance on your journey to study abroad, feel free to use the contact form below.

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