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Have you ever wondered what country will best suit your needs as regards your career progression? If yes, then your research has brought you to the right place.

Every country has its focus areas in the economy. Areas where they invest more time and money because it yields more economic growth. As an aspiring international student, it is important to check what the focus areas of your desired country are, before moving to study there. This is because the chances of employment immediately after graduation is higher if you have obtained a degree in one of its (the country’s) focus area.

For brevity, let’s take two country examples; the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany. Do you know their focus areas?

For the UK, its focus area is the health sector. This means programs in the health sector are of high value and graduates of these programs tend to get jobs faster. So, are you interested in studying medicine, dentistry, nursing, microbiology etc then think of the UK. Admission in the UK is currently ongoing for September 2022 so act fast and act NOW!!

The next example is Germany. The focus area in Germany is development and Technology (Tech). Not just development but sustainable development. As one of the top 5 largest economies in the world, their goal is to keep evolving while helping underdeveloped and developing countries out of poverty. This is why there are various scholarships for students from developing countries EVERY YEAR to study in Germany. Are you interested in software engineering, data science, development economics, sustainability development or even natural resources?? Germany is the place for you. The good news is that the application is still ongoing for October 2022 resumption.

Since I can’t touch on the focus areas in all the countries in the world, I believe this will serve as a guide in helping you make that study abroad decision. Choose a country for a good reason!!!

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