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As the world begins to change, many students are now interested in the future. For many, this entails studying sustainability and environmental science. 

This interdisciplinary discipline provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the pressing issues the planet faces today. You also have the chance to earn a competitive salary. According to Indeed, the average salary for an Environmental Scientist is $65447 per year in the United States.

Here are four reasons why you should study environmental science and sustainability studies:

  1. Broad Career Opportunities
  2. Make a Real World Impact
  3. Drive Policy and Environmental Legislation
  4. Potential for Competitive Salaries

Broad Career Opportunities

Sustainability is a diverse area that includes scientists, educators, engineers, activists, and business experts. As a graduate, you can work in energy corporations, environmental research, conservation, renewable energy, environmental policy, sustainable business practices, and much more.

Make a Real-world Impact

Environmental challenges are among the most important issues confronting our planet. Studying environmental science and sustainability will provide you with the information and skills you need to create solutions for a more environmentally friendly future. 

With a degree in this field, you can get involved in everything from renewable energy production to conservation activities, making a direct contribution to positive change.

Drive Policy And Environmental Legislation

Environmental science plays a crucial role in shaping policies and legislation concerning the environment. Scientific research helped inspire the development of regulations aimed at safeguarding the environment.

It also entrusts environmental scientists with tasks such as conducting field site surveys and tests to guarantee adherence to these regulations. If you are interested in legislation and public policy, then an MSc in Environmental Studies is the best bet for you.

Potential for Competitive Salaries

Careers in environmental science and sustainability studies can offer competitive salaries, especially as demand grows for professionals with expertise in sustainability, environmental management, and green technology. 

Additionally, as companies and governments prioritize sustainability initiatives, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals who can drive these efforts forward, potentially leading to lucrative job opportunities. 


While good earning potential can be a compelling factor, studying environmental science and sustainability studies offers much more. This includes the opportunity to make a positive impact, address global challenges, find personal fulfillment, engage in interdisciplinary learning, and potentially secure competitive salaries. 

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