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One of the things that comes to mind when you arrive in a new country is how to get around and be familiar with your surroundings. Navigating unfamiliar territories can also be nerve-wracking, especially regarding transportation. 

Nevertheless, it is important to master the art of getting around efficiently to make the most out of your academic and cultural experience. 

Here are some key tips to put in mind when navigating a new place as an international student:

  1. Learn the Basics of the Local Language
  2. Research the Transport System
  3. Utilize Maps and Navigation Apps
  4. Explore Walking and Biking Routes
  5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help

Learn the Basics of the Local Language

Even though English is widely spoken in urban areas, knowing a few words in the local language might be useful when conversing with locals or asking for directions. Knowing words like “How much is a ticket?” or “Can you tell me how to get to…?” can go a long way in helping you.

Research the Transport System

Check out the primary transportation options in your city (bus, tram, subway, etc.) and their operating systems. 

Some cities usually provide discounted prices for students through transit cards or passes. You can look into getting one as they can ultimately save you money.

Utilize Maps and Navigation Apps

Your map or navigation app should be your best friend when going out. For navigating public transportation networks, you can use apps like Google Maps or local transit apps as they offer up-to-date information on routes, schedules, and even predicted arrival times.

Explore Walking and Biking Routes

Walking or biking may be realistic options for getting around in your new city, especially for short distances. It is therefore important for you to be familiar with pedestrian and bike lanes so you can safely explore your surroundings.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help

The majority of people are willing to assist a lost student. Feel free to approach someone politely and request directions.


Adjusting to a place, especially a new country takes time. Be patient with yourself, and while staying open to new experiences, make sure you prioritize your safety. With time, you will become more confident and comfortable navigating your new country as an international student. 

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