DAAD Scholarship - MSc. International Health (MSCIH)

The Master of Science Programme in International Health is offered at the Charité. – Universitätmedizin Berlin. The program is aimed to raise awareness of current global health problems and allows students to identify and critically analyse key factors shaping the health and well-being of populations. The programme contributes to sustainable development and focuses on improving the management of health services for disadvantaged populations with a focus on low and middle-income societies.

The Master’s programme comprises studies in a number of public health-related disciplines including health economics, epidemiology and statistics, health promotion, management sciences, population sciences, reproductive health, mental health, social sciences, travel and migrant health, tropical medicine with a focus on infectious diseases, bacteriology, parasitology, virology and laboratory practice.

The selection of participants is guided by the programme’s emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach to international health. Students from a variety of backgrounds are recruited, including medical professionals, public health, social scientists, health educators and health managers.

  • Degree; Msc International Health
  • Duration; 1 year 
  • Language; English
  • Requirements;
  • An above-average bachelor’s degree in a health-related field, e.g. medicine, public health, biology, educational sciences, psychology, sociology, anthropology, epidemiology, nutrition, health economics…
  • 2 years work experience.
  • Proof of English language (TOEFL or IELTS).
  • Research proposal.
  • Fees; €12,050 per year/whole program for self-funded applicants and FREE for DAAD Scholars
  • Application Period; 15th October 2022

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